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"The best way to predict the future is to create it."  Peter Drucker
Infinite Clarity

“From the moment you meet Laurie,  you will know that helping others is her true passion. Using natural curiosity and intuition, her goal is to discover the root of her clients’ thoughts and feelings every session, providing them with ‘aha’ moments and new insights, leading to true transformation.”


Meet Debbie: From Confused to Clarity

The primary reason Debbie turned to life coaching was for a way out of her unproductive work rut. She worried

about her job and how disappointed her boss must have been in her performance. Laurie confronted her assumptions.

and asked Debbie about the feedback she was getting about her work and her performance. And the only answer she could give was, "It's all positive." Her boss was happy with how she was doing.


She realized she was projecting her own unhappiness with her performance onto her boss.

Which didn't change the fact that she was feeling unproductive and dissatisfied with her own work. But

she no longer had to layer on the fear of what her boss was thinking and then berating herself for it.

Awareness = Current habits

Insights = Transformation

Result =Shift habits and achieve more

When you hire me, I collaborate with you to clarify what you are truly desiring, identify any personal obstacles in your way to achieving them and creating strategies to give you the ability to achieve your fullest potential.


How It Works:                                                              

  1. Set up a complimentary consultation to discuss specific intentions for coaching.

  2. If intentions and styles are aligned, a coaching questionnaire will be sent to you and filled out prior to first session to gain an even deeper understanding of what is first priority on list of desired items.

  3. Meet for 1-1.5h deep dive session with discoveries from thorough coaching questionnaire.  Establish a baseline of where you currently are and where you most what to achieve.

  4. Identify obstacles and barriers holding you back from achieving what you deeply desire. 

  5. Create strategies and action plan, one step at a time towards each goal on coaching questionnaire while learning tools to implement in all facets of life.                           




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