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©2019 by Infinite Potential Coaching, LLC. 


I  work with MOTIVATED individuals who are READY to re-engage or re-invent themselves and are COMMITTED to take the next steps towards their GREATNESS!  As an IPEC trained professional coach, I work with clients to create a safe and supportive space allowing for CLARITY and SELF-DISCOVERY and allowing them to CONNECT to their inner purpose and passions.  Being on my website and reading these words, you have already taken the first bold step!!  Know that the little voice inside you is real.

 I know, because I was exactly in the same place....


I partner with ENTREPRENEURS, MANAGERS AND PROFESSIONALS to empower them to become their ideal image of themselves as leaders and as individuals.


Working together, we create STRATEGIC PLANS, DEVELOP THEIR EMPLOYEES, and IMPROVE COMMUNICATION with their teams while maintaining SUCCESSFUL WORK-LIFE BALANCE for themselves.


Clients meet with me weekly or bi-weekly through phone or video chat.  The client sets the agenda, and I listen for themes and ask the CHALLENGING QUESTIONS.   

Occasionally, I assign deeper dive exercises for INTROSPECTIVE WORK between sessions.  I truly believe each of us is greater and wiser than we appear to be.  The answers all lie within. 


I look forward to joining you on your journey towards achieving your INFINITE POTENTIAL! The results are extraordinary and  sustainable and LIFE-CHANGING!  

Email me: laurie@myinfinitepotential.com

when you are 100% ready to shift your reality!