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Infinite Leadership
"The ability to communicate consistently positive energy lies at the heart of effective management."  The Power of Full Engagement

Meet Ted: From Stagnant to Successful

When I first started working with Ted (not his real name), a franchise location manager, he was simply getting through each day. Overweight and uncomfortable, he was usually too tired to give his all.  At work, he felt overwhelmed, unbalanced, and near burnout. The business never did better than average. Working together, I helped Ted create a roadmap of small steps to tackle his health issues. He cut out sugary drinks and started getting up early to do 20 minutes of exercise. Slowly, he began to feel better.


But what does Ted's personal journey with health have to do with business?

As a result of Ted's efforts to create a healthier lifestyle, his focus sharpened, his energy in the office multiplied.  The franchise location he managed became more efficient, more profitable and far exceeded anticipated their annual financial projections.

People are the building blocks of every business. When they deteriorate, so does the business they work for.

Focused leaders = increased work efficiencies

Energized leaders = more motivated sales teams

Inspired leaders = better bottom lines

When you hire me, I collaborate with you to provide your management team with the tools they need to grow as leaders.

Whether it's clarity regarding personal obstacles, accountability for being a team motivator, or inspiration to want to reach new and higher levels of success, I engage people in their own lives and give them the ability to achieve their fullest potential.


Meet Alex: From Ego to Empathy

Take the case of Alex (not his real name), an ego-driven manager, who always came to work grumpy, poorly communicated with his co-workers, and rarely offered praise to his team. More taskmaster than leader, his negative influence resulted in poor office morale and an uncomfortable work environment.

With leadership coaching, he's a transformed man. He understands how his energy affects the rest of his office, and he leads his team with compassion and open communication channels.

Positive-thinking leaders = higher morale

Conscious leaders = better decision making

Empathetic leaders = more efficient team dynamics


How It Works:                                                              

  1. Meet with designated employees (via phone/video) and identify themes to determine what each person most wants to work on.                                                          

  2. Co-create weekly agendas for each employee with actionable steps for accountability.                                

  3. Motivational weekly sessions to monitor progress and address any barriers along the way.                               

  4. Within three months, your managers will show heightened self-awareness, increased levels of motivation, and higher levels of empathy.




A Note to Franchise Owners:

Leadership coaching is especially useful for franchise owners and managers looking to maximize job performance from their teams. With weekly coaching sessions, franchise managers gain awareness around how their own energy affects their employees and learn how to use positive-energy leadership techniques to engage with and motivate their workforce.

Imagine what a team of managers with those qualities could do for your business!

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