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This will be a transformative journey that empowers you to tap into your hidden talents and capabilities. My coaching program is designed to guide you through self-discovery, goal-setting, and skill enhancement, enabling you to reach new heights in your personal and professional life. My unique approach combines proven techniques with personalized guidance, allowing you to break through limitations and embrace your true potential.

To ensure a deep and lasting transformation, I offer a full potential intensive coaching experience with a minimum commitment of 3 months. This time frame allows for a meaningful exploration of your aspirations and challenges, fostering sustainable growth. Additionally, my application process ensures that we work with individuals who are genuinely committed to their development, creating a focused and supportive environment for your journey towards unlimited possibilities.

This premium package is more than concierge, it is for the person who is serious about leveling up their life.  They are serious about removing their personal limitations and boundaries and are ready to live life to the fullest.  I am an expert in bringing out the best in my clients. The most magic comes when you are all-in on the commitment of transformation. I will meet the best of myself to bring out the best of yourself. This includes:

  • Initial and 3 month Energy Leadership Index Assessment

  • Weekly coaching sessions (up to 2 bonus sessions/month)

  • Urgent 5-10 min fill-in sessions (up to 5 mini sessions/month)

  • Infinite Text Coaching (with 24 hour response time)

  • Weekly coaching check-ins and reminders

  • Any additional resources, workshops or offerings I create during engagement

Total value over $11,000

Unlock your full potential with personalized coaching with an investment of $2,100 USD.

Or book a single session today.
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