Laurie Greenberg


Helping clients uncover their blind spots!  

I work with motivated and committed individuals ready to step into their greatness in their personal and professional lives! 

Coaching helps you find the strength, power, and answers from within yourself.   


I challenge my clients and let them see things from a whole new perspective!


Jason B., General Manager

1800 Got Junk Franchise

Coaching with Laurie was great! I appreciated being able to to have someone that is not associated with myself to talk about goals and how to reach them. She was able to make me feel more accountable for my goals to go back and share my successes or failures with. I also liked having someone to talk through challenges that may arise in meeting my goals.  This is something that I have never thought of going  in the past.

-Jason B. 

Lindsay D., Human Resources Manager

Laurie has been instrumental in helping me take my next step in my personal and professional life. Laurie has such a way of providing support and clarity while allowing me the space and perspective to feel confident with my decisions. Laurie is a fantastic coach and partner for anyone who is ready to jump into their next phase of life while needing some additional support and direction. 


~Lindsay D. 

Tammy K., Yoga Instructor

Laurie is a curious and helpful soul.  Her coaching style is warm AND powerful.  She helps you live large and inspires you to action!

-Tammy K.

Paul M. Financial Manager

Laurie is an amazing coach.  She has a genuine belief in the infinite possibilities that we all possess and an intellectual curiosity that helps her clients discover their innate strengths.  She is confident, articulate, positive, and strong minded.  Laurie balances being deeply compassionate and caring with being direct and mentally tough.  She is both intuitive as well as strategic; both supportive as well as intensely challenging when needed.  She is quick to identify barriers and roadblocks that interfere with her client’s success and very effective in finding creative solutions to overcome these obstacles.  I think what makes Laurie most effective is her deep help belief in the power of agency and in her client’s ability to manifest their true potential.  

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